Here at the Resort, we believe that lots of play-time and interaction with both staff members and other dogs are the key to keeping your pup as relaxed and stress-free as possible while you are away.  All of our dog-friendly guests are included in playgroups with others of similar size, age, and temperament. We keep the groups smaller for our geriatric and shy friends, and with several playrooms available, there is plenty of space for anyone who would prefer to spend their day relaxing indoors!

You may be surprised to learn that a dog behaving aggressively may have just been nervous or protecting you, a part of their pack! One of our frequent boarders is a beagle named Molly. The very first time she stayed, her mom told us she was very aggressive with other dogs so she shouldn't go out with a group. While boarding, any time another dog passed her room, Molly would wag, wiggle, and bark all over her room. Her comfortable posture and body language prompted us to give Molly a chance in a group setting. We walked her outside on a leash next to a very easy-going staff-dog... and she was perfect. Even though at first she laid back and watched the others play, starting Molly with a small group (3 to 4 other dogs) was a great way to boost her social skills and confidence. These days, Molly prefers to play in a much larger group!



"So what is a normal day like while boarding?"


The techs came in and let us all outside to go potty before BREAKFAST!  The dog across the hall only eats dinner, but the techs gave him a peanut butter treat so he wouldn't feel left out.  I rested for a little while afterward so that I wouldn't get a tummy ache when it was time to play.
8:00am This was my favorite part:  PLAYGROUPS!  There was a new kid for Daycare this morning (we all get to play together), so my group started slowly.  Once the new kid learned the ropes, we had lots of fun running, playing, and wrestling!  The older pups weren't interested in playing with us, so they had their own yard with a pool and lots of shade.  The little ones had their own space, too!
12:00pm After we tired ourselves out, we went back to our own rooms for Nap Time (and Snack Time!).  We all had beds and clean blankets waiting for us, and then the techs passed out some special treats.  My favorite snack is the homemade doggy ice cream!  With something yummy in my belly, I was more than ready to rest for a few hours.
3:00pm My favorite part again!  There weren't any new kids to introduce so we got started right away, jumping in the pool, climbing on the play sets and running through the sprinkler.  I greeted the old dogs and littles through the fence, but didn't stay long- I'd much rather play with my friends!
5:30pm The friends that were here for Daycare were going home, so the rest of us went back to our rooms for dinner.  Not as spectacular as snack time, but since my mom packed food for me, I had a taste of home while on vacation.
6:00pm I was so tired that I didn't even want to play, but I knew this was my last chance to potty before bedtime.  My two-legged friends made sure my bed and blankets were clean and my water bucket was full so I'd have everything I'd need for the night!
6:30pm The techs turned out the lights, and everyone curled up on their beds for the night.  Goodnight, friends!

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